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Cultivation At NeoPharm

  • Sustainable Cultivation at NeoPharm

    We believe in the medical use of the cannabis plant and its derivatives, hens why aim to create the highest quality product using sustainable methods under the highest standards of medical cannabis cultivation.

  • Nature vs Nurture

    We are continuously monitoring our cultivation process and protocols to produce quality products that retains its natural active property.

We independently test, audit, and review our equipment, greenhouses,
and all our protocols to meet SAHPRA guidelines of medical cannabis cultivation and production.

Advanced Facility

Neopharm has a world-class sustainable growing facility

Packaging and Processing

GMP/GACP standards of processing and packaging

Quality Assurance

Our greenhouse undergoes strict independent audits


Military-grade security infrastructure across our farm

audited laboratory and batches

  • 15


  • 1000


The best farm

We offer the best environment for our plants

Our state-of-the-art facilities have been designed to satisfy the fast-growing international demand for medical cannabis.

Neopharm specialises in the cultivation of the highest-quality certified medical products, through precise control of cultivation variables.

  • Our farm meets the highest standards of SAHPRA.
  • All our employees are well-trained and monitored.
  • Greenhouse and laboratory equipment are fully ISO certified.
  • We offer multiple cannabis products and services
  • Our products are delivered through fast, safe and traceable channels

Download our Strains brochure

Currently our brochures are only available on-demand to licensed manufacturers of medical cannabis products

frequently asked questions

have any question?

If you have question call now0027 214 199 548

Who are our clients?

We are producing medical cannabis for local and international licensed pharmaceutical and healthcare manufacturers.

What do we produce?

We cultivate and package high THC medical grade cannabis for pharmaceutical institutions and distribution networks.

How to organise a tour of our facility?

You can contact us directly via 0027 214 199 548