Our Corporate Social Responsibility

Our Corporate Social Responsibility

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What is the purpose of Corporate Social Responsibility?

At NEO PHARM, we understand the purpose of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), also known as corporate citizenship, as not only giving back but also getting involved in our community in Franschhoek, Western Cape. We are aware of our communities’ social hardships and feel it’s not enough to only give, we have decided to provide positive social value.

With this in mind, Mr Les Holmes (Chairman of the Holmes Group) appointed Pierre Thiart, head of security of NEO PHARM, as chairman of the CSR project. A committee consisting of three members, Yvonne HolmesNico Karsten and Gary Pryor has been appointed.

The CSR committee immediately visited the local area around Riverside Farm and the social crime member (Sersant(f)Charlene Pietersen) of Groot Drakenstein Police Department to determine where there was a real need. During this difficult time of COVID 19, many have lost their jobs and thus lost their income. The basic need for food has become the most important factor.

Below are some of the initiatives NEOPHARM is involved in.

We have a project called “ Donate a Bible”, this entails that anybody may donate a bible, new or second hand, it doesn’t matter.

On the 9th of August every year, it is Women’s day in South Africa. This year we decided to include the elders of our community.

The committee decided that feeding the homeless near us is the most immediately beneficial way for us to support our community.

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