Monthly Report for September 2020
Monthly Report for September 2020

Monthly Report for September 2020

The following noteworthy events have occurred with regard to the NEO PHARM undertaking during the course of September 2020


Members of the senior staff had their first formal training session presented by Ross Mcphail of the Cannabis Compliance Bureau (CCB). The topic addressed was the Quality Management System required for the formal licensing process.

Additional staff members are being interviewed to boost the security staff component required to protect the company’s assets as the value of the facilities escalates.

NEO PHARM welcomes Dominic Wilson a qualified horticulturalist to the team appointed initially on a part time basis with prospects of full-time employment in the near future.

NEO PHARM is proud to announce that Advocate Wouter Scholtz (Australia) will join the Board as Executive Financial Director from 1 October 2020. Wouter has extensive experience in taxation and finance and will advise the board on offshore structures and sales of NEO PHARM products.

Construction and Site Preparation

The entire construction site has been cleared of trees and been levelled. The internal civil services have been installed and the parking area has been compacted allowing for easier access to the site.
Despite substantial challenges in the form of Covid-19 restrictions and exceptionally high winter rainfall, steady progress has been made with the construction of the Process Facility of which the outer shell is now reaching completion allowing for the internal fitting out to proceed. Several teams are working in unison to install the sophisticated equipment and finishes required to achieve GMP status within the facility. The foundations for the Grow Facility have commenced and should be ready to accept the already delivered steel framework in the near future.

An application has been lodged for the further upgrading of the Eskom power supply to the property and a container housing two back-up generators was delivered to site to ensure that the property will have an adequate supply of power at all times. To secure all the assets on site a secure boundary fence is currently being erected.

Social Responsibility

NEO PHARM continues to support two local feeding schemes to provide a substantial weekly meal to between 500 and 600 needy individuals, and also to construction workers on site.
This service goes hand in hand with the initiative to provide bibles and religious reading material to cater for both physical and intellectual needs in keeping with NEO PHARM’s philosophy of Compassionate Capitalism.

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