Donate a Bible

Donate a Bible drive

We also have a project called “ Donate a Bible”, this entails that anybody may donate a bible, new or second hand, it doesn’t matter.

That person may write something on a letter for the person the Bible will end up being donated to.

Our first donations were from LK Zeeman Primer School in Paarl. Two teachers namely Miss De Wet and Miss Moosa donated 47 Bibles for our cause.

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Women’s Day

Giving to the community on Women’s Day

On the 9th of August every year, it is Women’s day in South Africa. This year we decided to include the elders of our community.

In order to do this, our CSR committee reached out to 100 women and gave them each a gift bag containing, baby powder, face cloth, hygiene soup, toothbrush, toothpaste, baby lotion and a packet of cookies and one of sweets.

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NEO PHARM’s weekly homeless Drive

How to feed the homeless during the COVID 19 pandemic

Recently, NEO PHARM, initiated by Les Holmes (Chairman of The Holmes Group) appointed a committee to contribute towards the responsibilities of corporate social concerns. The committee has decided that feeding the homeless is the most beneficial way for NEOPHARM to support the community. To do this we visited the local area around Riverside Farm and the social crime member (Sersant(f)Charlene Pietersen) of Groot Drakenstein Police Department assisted where there was a real need for help.

We were thus able to determine the best way forward to feed the homeless through connecting with current feeding shelters. The two being Aunt Sienna, 39 Church street, Kylemore and Helene Benans, 3 Protea Street, Sawmills, both in Francshhoek.

The two soup kitchens deliver 500 plates of hot meals on Wednesdays to the homeless community of Francshhoek funded by NEOPHARM.

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